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Ellen Chavez de Leitner: Photos


Ellen (photo by Don Usner)
Ellen with violin with greenery in backround
Ellen outside her home in Chimayo
Ellen playing violin by apricot tree

Collaborating artists

Cecilia Leitner
Genevieve Leitner
Carlos Perez


Albuquerque Baroque
Ellen & Will at Albuquerque Baroque Festival '09
Loretto Chapel April 2007, Marke, Ellen, Roberto, Jane, Candace
Boccherini group at Loretto Chapel 2007
Carlos Perez,  Genevieve, Ellen & Cecilia Leitner at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos, NM


Ellen & Fr. Blanch at Great Day Studio
Cecilia & Fr. Blanch at Great Day Studio

Duo Guadalupe

Duo Guadalupe, photo by Franz Leitner
Duo, Roberto Capocchi & Ellen Chavez de Leitner (by Franz Leitner)
Concert at New Mexico Highlands University