Chavez de Leitner and Capocchi have made a name for themselves...This, their first CD explores pieces by of Locatelli, Carulli, Paganini and Handel in ingratiating performances.” - Craig Smith

The Santa Fe New Mexican

It's such wonderful music, played so softly and smoothly - right perfect! It gets into your mind and opens up heart and soul.” - Maria Buchinger

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Duo Guadalupe is a terrific CD; a beautiful and unique blend of violin and classical guitar you won't find elsewhere. You find yourself effortlessly immersed in the music and uplifted by its spirit, including Baroque, Classical, and modern compositions. Buy it!” - Jay Boudreau

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Ellen, I was thrilled by your marvelous performance on April 6 at the Loretto Chapel, when I happened to be in town on a small vacation. You and your instrument bring out the best in each other, and your innovative approach was fascinating to see." (the concert) "restored my faith in chamber music in general ...” - Louise Hall

— Personal e-mail

Muy señora mía: Hoy me levanté con la idea de buscar al Padre José Maria Blanch, quien fue mi mentor en los años 58-62, y el primer resultado fue su pagina web. Pertenecí al coro del colegio Virgen de las Nieves y el Padre Blanch también fue mi director musical. [Cuantos recuerdos, que cantidad de imágenes afloraron en mi mente mientras escuchaba extasiado su música. He podido llenar mi alma durante tan bella ejecución.]* Sinceramente, envidio el no poder haber estado presente en ese momento, que aunque fugaz como es el tiempo, se graba profundamente en lo mas hondo del ser. ---------------------- Que Dios la bendiga, y cuente usted con mi amistad, Enrique Claverol López *translation of bracketed: [ What memories, how many images flowered in my mind while I listened exstatically to his (Fr. Blanch's) music. I was able to fill my soul during such a beautiful performance.]” - Enrique Claverol Lopez

— Cadiz, Spain